The Extrusionists





Support of The Extrusionists is technically oriented, but not limited to technology only. Also analysis of your business organization can be part of our support as well as your specific market situation.

But most important: all support is very practical and easy to implement.


In case of processing issues:

  • analysis of your situation
  • determine necessary steps to overcome your problems
  • material selection and handling
  • use statistical tools if necessary
  • propose trials to check hypothesis of analysis
  • hands-on approach
  • training of technicians


In addition to solving processing issues, we can help to calculate or estimate film properties:

  • optical
  • mechanical
  • barrier


Furthermore we give support related to optimization of product portfolio, improvement of your production machinery as well as testing facilities.

When you are considering to invest in new equipment, we are happy to share our views with you and support you in machine selection.



The Extrusionists - version 1.3 - September 2016