The Extrusionists



Support can be given on the following topics:

  • polymers and polymer selection
    • chemistry
  • mechanical
  • rheology
    • extrusion and coextrusion
    • film
      • cast
  • blown
  • water quench
  • double bubble
    • materials
      • selection
  • handling
    • processing conditions

    • film properties
      • mechanical
  • optical
  • permeability
  • sealing
  • thermoforming
    • business optimization
      • product portfolio
  • business strategy, business plan

    Back-up of analytical and research facilities are available on request.



    Extrusionist's experience

    Expertise and know-how has been built-up during a multi-year experience in the plastics industry.

    Technical support as an application development engineer has been given to companies active in extrusion; support has been given on a global scale.

    Involved in extrusion at DSM Engineering Plastics since 1992: developing and creating an extensive polyamide portfolio for extrusion applications, including specialty polyamides.

    Before that, 15 years experience as a product developer at Enka Glanzstoff and Akzo Engineering Plastics. Development of commercial grades of engineering plastics for injection moulding, rotomoulding, blow moulding and extrusion. Materials included polyesters, copolyether esters and polyamides.

    More fundamental fields of research include nucleating phenomena and crystallization behaviour of mentioned polymers.


    The Extrusionists - version 1.3 - September 2016