Food packaging

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Food packaging


When you realize that over 50 % of all food produced is wasted, you can easily imagine the importance of food packaging. Flexible packaging as a substitute for glass and metal is already a good example of sustainability because of much less material use.

When you intelligently combine flexible packaging with modified atmosphere protection (MAP), another major improvement is made to reduce waste.


Flexible packaging

Almost always, flexible films are multilayer films with barrier functions.

Control of permeability for several gases is important:

  • oxygen
  • nitrogen
  • carbon dioxide
  • moisture


To realize the proper permeability, several polymers are combined in the multilayer film structure. The most commonly used polymers are:

  • polyolefins (PE, PP)
  • polyamide
  • EVOH
  • tie resins


Today, coextruded multilayer films may contain up to 13 layers




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