The Extrusionists


Extrusion is our passion

Need support?

The Extrusionists give you all support for your extrusion business!


Sometimes a second opinion can be highly refreshing! Or a challenging discussion to check your visions and strategy.

The Extrusionists will be a reliable partner to guide you through the complexity of the flexible packaging industry. Not as a guru, but as a critical partner with the objective to find, together with you and your team, the right solution for you and your company.


Extrusionists are highly experienced in extrusion.

Extrusionists support you in solving technical issues in your extrusion process or application of your extruded products, optimization of your product portfolio, selection of production equipment, etc.

Furthermore, we can analyse how your product portfolio fits into your market; perhaps your organization has to be adapted to the changes that you have in mind. Or your quality system needs improvement. With all these topics, The Extrusionists can help you.


Extrusion is a continuous process; this same continuity is reflected in the commitment of Extrusionists.

Our key words are: knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and commitment.


No matter the character of the issue, our attention will always be 100 %. Without compromises.

Every assignment is considered to be unique and a challenge that will be completed using any resource that is needed to come to the ultimate solution to realize success.

Your success is our success.

Every option will be explored until a solution is found; our solution will be THE solution.


The Extrusionists - version 1.3 - September 2016